Thursday, August 10, 2006

Baseball and Babies

We're back from our tournament where we earned a medal but never received it! Technically we came 4th, but if it wasn't for a masters team playing down 3 levels we would have earned at least bronze! Ah well. C'est la vie! Regardless, we had an awesomw weekend! Unfortunately, my season only lasted one week. I'm already looking forward to next year!

As if I wasn't tired enough after 4 days of ball, when I got home on Monday I went directly to our friends' house to watch their kids for 3 days. Do I still want kids, you ask? I think I can wait 9 more months! I don't know about Shane, though!

Here are my lovely team mates: Emma, Karyn, Laura and Janica. Aren't they hot?

We grabbed Anna from the hotel and headed for East Side Mario's for all you can eat bread and salad...


Here we are getting ready for our first game on Friday...

and here's my coach, Don, calm and collected as usual.

We may have come fourth for our skills, but we're first for our looks! What a good-looking team!

And here are the Gordon Head pitchers after a long weekend of throwing the heat.

I couldn't've been happier to come home to this face. Bonjour, Elliot!

Samira loves to make faces for the camera. This one is her "angry face."

And this is how she usually looks...happy and beautiful!


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