Sunday, November 26, 2006

100 Days

Our retired landlady was out this morning with her mittens making this nature-inspired snowperson.

Even in the snow, the birds come to the feeders.

Today we are 100 days pregnant. According to the calendar I've been following, little Deringer is over 4 inches long and has started breathing amniotic fluid to prepare for the big day. He/she is exercising every day and has possibly started sucking his/her thumb. The baby already looks like it will on May 25th, so you can stop praying that they don't have my pumpkin head or big ears. It's too late.

It was nice to have my dad out last week and hopefully those interviews will lead to something permanent out here in the near future. I've always wanted both sets of grandparents close by, and now it seems likely. Yay!

Other than watching my belly grow and the snow fall, we are just enjoying a lazy Sunday with cinnamon buns and a movie. You don't believe me that my belly is growing already? Check out the pic.

Enjoy the snow and you can count on me getting up early to check my school's website for a snow day! Call me if you have one, too! I've got hot chocolate and baking ready for you!


At 11/28/2006 10:57 AM, Blogger Rachel H. said...

Cute Belly funnymummy!

At 12/09/2006 3:14 PM, Blogger stampinsars said...

Enjoy your belly Tracey... pregnancy is the only time you'll have one! You look great!


At 12/21/2006 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww you look so cute with you tiny little belly! I can't wait to see what the baby will be! I love shopping for babies and especially if it's for other people!
Enjoy being prego


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