Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Last Pre-baby Trip

Our last getaway before the baby comes was so much fun! Not so much the driving for 15 hours when you're 7 months pregnant, but breaking in our new car was such a treat! We headed out pretty much as soon as the bell rang last Friday and made it to San Francisco on Saturday night to stay with our friends Kristin and Owen who have a beautiful view from their apartment in Pacifica.

They took us sightseeing and shopping for the first few days and we got to check a few things off of our to do list:

Monterey Bay...

Pebble Beach (golfers' Mecca)...

Shopping in downtown San Fran...

and seeing the park and houses (the "Painted Ladies") from the Full House intro.

Owen and Kristin went back to work, so we headed back down to Santa Cruz for surfing and sightseeing on our own. What a beautiful day we scored with!

Surfing at Steamers in Santa Cruz (Shane is on the right)...

Walking the boardwalk at Santa Cruz...




The ferry building and the piers, especially Pier cool!

Finally, on our way out of town, we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge. By Shane's elbow you can see swell wrapping around under the bridge. We saw dolphins under there and a bunch of guys surfing. I tried to convince him to get out there, but he decided not to.

Onward to Seaside, Oregon!!! Notice how there are no was stormy all the way through Oregon, so we decided to come home a day early. My dad was at our house because he had another interview out here, so it was nice to see him for a couple of hours before he headed home. And that wraps up our last trip before baby, but this summer is looking good for our first trips with baby. I'm glad we agreed to not stop traveling, otherwise I would go stir crazy on maternity leave.

We found our crib bedding in California, so I'm getting really excited to set up his nursery. I just need to convince my baby daddy to get painting! We're counting the weeks into the thirties now, so time is gonna fly between now and when little Deringer makes his debut. I can't wait to start my mat leave count down. Sweet!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Month of Green

This month we will see all green with Saint Paddy's Day, the grass, and tax return season, so it is fitting that Shane and I should pretend to be made of green, that is.

We made a couple of big purchases this month that will last us for years. A new computer, a new sectional, our baby's crib and, of course, our Toyota Matrix! We know we are blessed to be able to make these purchases, but the items they are replacing are, honestly, many years old. It just so happened that we needed upgrades all at the same time. Spring is such a great time to invoke change in your life, though, isn't it? I think I'll have a baby!

Happy Birthday to our slew of friends who are celebrating birthdays this season, too. I'll be joining the birthday train on May 21st. Guess what I want! We are headed to San Francisco on Friday for Spring Break, so I will definitely post again when we get back. Hopefully the sun will be shining down there. Shane is giddy about the prospect of surfing for two consecutive days without his really thick wetsuit. Is it shark season? Hmmm... At least he won't get confused for a seal!

Have a wonderful Spring Break (but only if you, too, spent years in school after school to spend more time in school with hormonal teenagers who don't want to be in school). I know I will!

Phantom Grey Toyota Matrix XR...fancy shmancy!

Beige microfibre sectional...comfy shmumfy!

25-year-old prego who is now too poor for clothes that fit...chubby shmubby!