Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joshua Getting Dunked

Hot and Wet Mommies

Made you look, sicko! Here are a few pictures of visits with friends and also from our Wednesday Mommy group wrap up yesterday at Bev and Jan Egil's place. This is the first hot mommy, Devon, with her daughter Jenna. They came for a visit on Sunday afternoon. I don't think Joshua was ready for his arranged marriage. He looks pretty sad, then mad, then sleepy.
Wednesday was fun for me, but Josh wasn't a fan of being dunked right away. He got used to it, though.

Colby trying to escape the estrogen...
Tracey and Smoshy, Tricia and Hunter, Beth and Sienna, Shannon, Colby and baby-to-be-announced. Below is Renee with Anders.

Then we went to meet Sandy and Annika at Starbucks. Smosh loves his Auntie Sandy......and I wasn't about to let that chocolate on Josh's face to go to waste! Yup, I licked it off.

And finally, Joshua figured out how to deal with his mom's excessive noise...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Month 2 is Over Already?

Two whole months have gone by and our little monkey is turning into a big chubber. He always looks unimpressed with our attempts to make him laugh and he only talks when he feels like it. Alas, he isn't a performing monkey...but we are. He is sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time at night, which isn't that bad, and he is up to a full 5 oz at each feeding. He'll be bigger than us in no time! When he does decide to entertain us he has our full attention because he is so dang cute! Here are a few pics of the last few weeks. Shane went to Mexico for a few days while Joshua and I were in Toronto visiting my family in August then we went to Tofino the day after we got home. Busy busy travelers...Handsome little man!
Our happy little family!
Handsome big man!
One of Shane's beautiful pics of Mexico
Shane stayed in a hut called a palapa right on the water in La Ticla
Amazing creation by the Master ArtistI think Jason's doing Blue Steel, but we were supposed to be doing Magnum!So cute in his big boy clothes at the wonderful high tea baby shower my mom threw for himI borrowed Josh's bib while I enjoyed the can dress me up, but...Smoshy is tired after a long day of shopping in Buffalo with...Nana and Auntie Kim.Monkey boy wouldn't relax for his bath in the hotel sink...he looks like a plucked chicken about to be stuffed!Is he a good looking guy or what? So relaxed on vacation.

Cuddling in the early morning hours in our tent in Tofino.
The new parents actually playing again...yay!
Little Joshua bundled up for his good night sleep. I think he's waving goodbye to you...