Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sneezes and smiles

Joshua's Hiccups

Joshua had the hiccups every day inside of me and now he gets them outside, too.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Joshua's First Month

Well, our baby boy is already a month old...5 weeks today! He is getting cuter every day as he learns to smile and coo. I can't say he has either under control yet, but he's getting close! Here are a few recent pictures of Joshua enjoying life outside of mommy. Actually, maybe he liked it better inside. I don't know if he's enjoying it, but I sure am!
We had a BBQ at the Gulbrandsens' home by the pool. We are blessed with great friends to spend time with. Shane is already introducing Joshua to the step - the ocean!"Mom! Don't take a picture of my package!""You want a show? I'll give you something to write home about. I know you like it!"
It was so hot one day that Shane and baby Joshua stripped down and relaxed by the lake.
Someone found his thumb!
Does he look more like an old Hungarian lady or yoda?
I can't decide, but he's clean!
Beth, Tricia, Shannon and I walked on Dallas Road then had lunch at the Ogden Point Cafe.
I love Victoria!
My big handsome men. Shane, are those my pyjama pants?
I know I'm in the picture, but I can't look at anything other than his little bum.
I want to pinch it! Maybe little pinch? (you have to see the commercial)
This one almost looks like a photo shoot. How precious!And finally, Joshua met his Papa for the first time last week. What a busy first month my little man has had. I can't wait to see what month 2 holds.