Friday, April 18, 2008

5/6 of a year old...10 MONTHS ALREADY?!!!

Joshua is 10 months old as of April 15th and is more active and silly than ever! He likes to walk holding onto hands and furniture, but I think he is still a month away from walking. That is one thing I am grateful that he is not excelling at! At his 9 month checkup he was average for weight gain (50-75th percentile) and well above average for length (97th percentile) which makes him tall and skinny. No surprise there! Joshy eats everything, loves being outside and is very good at baby talk. I don't understand him so I'm glad he uses some sign language like "finished," "more," "milk" and "eat." He is the most content baby I have ever known, but he doesn't like being told "no" so we'll see how the toddler months go. The video below is of Smoshy being goofy while he plays on his own. Enjoy the video and pictures of our little monkey!
Rocking on his horse watching Treehouse. So big so fast...I don't like it.

Trying to sneak to Daddy's hockey game after Mommy said no.

Helping Mommy empty out her nicely folded laundry. Thanks, Josh.

One of Daddy's fancy-camera shots of Josh eating a chocolate-covered marshmallow.

One of Smoshy's signs - Finished!

About to go down the slide with no inhibitions...scary!

Afternoon nap following a long day of work and play. Josh, that is.

That was a really big chunk of his Easter bunny he just finished. Hence the glazed over look.

Helping with the laundry again.

If Joshy is missing, chances are he is under a table somewhere. Weird, I know.

Someone said "show me your teeth."

So freakin' cute! I can't stand it!

Ditto the last comment.

This sleeping position runs in the family. Guess who.

The best way to wake up!