Friday, February 16, 2007

Growing more and buying more

So, it's not Disney, but Shane's choices on the baby's Valentine's Day gifts are not very manly! Especially that big cuddly teddy bear suit he insisted on buying for next winter. What is hilarious, though, is what you can't see. That little onesie says "When in Rome" which is yet another quote from "Anchorman." There was no talking him out of buying that one and I'm sure his father- and brothers-in-law will laugh.

Shane also caved and took me to buy the crib which should arrive in a few weeks. We decided on a convertible one that will change into a toddler bed then into a double bed, so it's this baby's furniture until he leaves home. The picture is of both the crib and the double bed and we ordered the antique black finish. It is very beautiful and I can't wait to buy the bedding for it! I guess the nesting has begun!

Valentine's Day was quite low key for us. We had a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill, bought the baby those clothes, and just watched tv until Shane had to pick up his mom from the ferry. She came to see her kids for a few days before she headed over to Aurora House on the mainland for a few weeks. She has been in and out of her kids' lives for the past number of years, but has finally decided to enter a program to get clean, so please pray for her and her kids, as it will not be an easy road. We are very proud of her decision and we will keep you posted on her success, because we know our God is faithful to answer our prayers.

SO...I have hit the six month mark and I have less than 3 months left at work. The baby's kicks are packing quite the punch now and he has definitely got the hang of doing that weird Lochness monster move. He has decided that my bladder is a comfortable place to rest on and my ribs are a very good target for his kicks. I guess he's preparing to be a cagefighter.

Well, until next time, enjoy the weekend and keep us in your prayers. Any decorating tips for our nursery are also welcome.Ta ta for now!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hey everyone. It's Shane this time so I hope you all don't mind the update from me...
So the news is that Tracey is really pregnant now. Not like she wasn't before but WOW. Today she was sitting on the couch and put a pen on her tummy and he moved the pen. I actually saw a bump form on her stomach!! This whole having a baby thing is starting to get pretty real.

The last couple of weeks we've been thinking about getting a crib, stroller, and car seat and I think Tracey is starting to go a little mental because I keep putting off buying all the big stuff for a few more weeks. I have learned that women need to get these items so that can set it all up. Kind of like a birdie making up a nice comfy cozy nest. But last night we were at WalMart and I couldn't help but to pick out a few things for our little boy to come. I figured that if I'm going to buy something it may as well be a real man kind of onesie. So it has a digger on it. And I also decided our boy can't wear Disney stuff either. It isn't man enough, so if you ladies wouldn't mind I'd really appreciate it if my boy got stuff that really shows he's a man. Like a tool belt, hammer, or sawzall.

So the work update for me is that I had a couple of interviews at Dockyard for a position working on the submarines and I'm waiting to hear how they went. The interview was actually pretty difficult so I'm hoping I made it through. Tracey is busy marking all of her final exams right now and that's why she asked me to get on here and do an update.
So basically, I'm feeling a little pressure now with co-ordinating and painting the nursery that should probably be done soon. It's pretty crazy how fast the time goes. It feels like just yesterday we found out. I certainly don't feel ready to be Dad yet but I've been told you never feel quite ready in one way or another. But although I'm a little scared I am extremely excited to have a little boy to take surfing with me. Don't worry Nana and Papa, he will play hockey too.... I think he'll just like surfing more. Hope you all are doing well and make sure you put a comment on here for Tracey. She checks it every single day.
"When yer not first yer last" used without the written expressed permission of Ricky Bobby