Wednesday, November 29, 2006

SnOw DaYs RoCk

Can you see me?

I love snow! Especially when there's enough to get my husband and I out of work for a day together! We decided to walk to Thetis Lake on Monday, so we got all bundled up and headed out. It began as a leisurely sunny stroll, but when the sun went away and the winds picked up, we looked forward to our couch again.

Regardless, it was beautiful outside and we got some exercise! Thetis Lake covered in snow is magnificent! The water level was so high, so Shane decided to wade a little bit to show off his knee-high waterproof boots. There was a man and his son fishing when we got there and two women snowshoeing when we left. It felt more like Victoria, Newfoundland than Victoria, B.C.

Other than walking and rolling in snow, I spent my snow days (yep, two of them) baking, marking and relaxing. I think I can make it till Christmas now! We are really looking forward to Toronto. Only 25 sleeps till we leave on Christmas Eve! Hopefully we'll have a lot of family here next Christmas for Bella Coola's first Christmas. Speaking of which...

Congratulations to Brian and Beth who will be meeting their baby tomorrow morning. Unbelievable! We are very excited to meet Baby Booth and we're praying for a seamless operation ...while ...nevermind. Good luck!

Without further ado, I now declare tomorrow a SNOW DAY!!!! *sigh* If only...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

100 Days

Our retired landlady was out this morning with her mittens making this nature-inspired snowperson.

Even in the snow, the birds come to the feeders.

Today we are 100 days pregnant. According to the calendar I've been following, little Deringer is over 4 inches long and has started breathing amniotic fluid to prepare for the big day. He/she is exercising every day and has possibly started sucking his/her thumb. The baby already looks like it will on May 25th, so you can stop praying that they don't have my pumpkin head or big ears. It's too late.

It was nice to have my dad out last week and hopefully those interviews will lead to something permanent out here in the near future. I've always wanted both sets of grandparents close by, and now it seems likely. Yay!

Other than watching my belly grow and the snow fall, we are just enjoying a lazy Sunday with cinnamon buns and a movie. You don't believe me that my belly is growing already? Check out the pic.

Enjoy the snow and you can count on me getting up early to check my school's website for a snow day! Call me if you have one, too! I've got hot chocolate and baking ready for you!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Waiting for many things

Merry Christmas! Okay, 34 sleeps, but I can't wait! With a Christmased home I can handle anything! If you need a cup of egg nog and an overplayed Christmas carol, come visit me! We are travelling to Toronto for Christmas, so our mini tree will have to do, but next year I'll get a massive one to make up for it!

After a busy fall, I finally feel like I am back to normal. School is under control and my house is back in shape. That first trimester was not easy. The couple of months of nausea and three hour naps every day balanced each other out nicely, though. Now I start the second trimester where I'll gain a belly and lose my mind. I'll tell you later which one I prefer! Apparently I can't give birth yet (which would be nice considering the size of the baby) so I'll wait and wait for 6 more months! OH, I heard the baby's heartbeat and it was 160! According to those old wives, it's a girl. According to my three baby dreams, it is an adorable chubby boy with big blue eyes. We'll have to wait and see. Either way Shane is convinced that the nursery will be a surfer's paradise!

Speaking of waiting, our friends Brian and Beth are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby. We had a mini-shower for Beth last week, so hopefully she feels ready to welcome that long, white bundle of joy into the world. She has plenty of cloths and diapers for the first little while! As you can see, my baby bump is nothing compared to hers! I just look chubby!

We are looking forward to my dad coming to Vic tomorrow for a couple of job interviews. It will be great to see him after being away for so long! Hopefully this trip will lead to Bella Coola's Nana and Papa coming to live near him/her. Tiny fingers crossed!

We had some visitors that we hadn't seen since their wedding the summer before we left for NZ. My big bro Jeff brought his beautiful wife Kim to Victoria for the first time. Hopefully we can get them to move out here, too! She took in all the classic sights in just a few days, but she is stuck in this family for a lifetime!THEN my sister Tammy came with her baby girl Stephanie and hubby Greg. Aren't they adorable? Too bad the other three kids couldn't come. There's always room at the Deringers'! I love having visitors. Especially family because I can just point them to the kitchen and they're happy.
So, drop in whenever Christmas seems far away and hopefully by the time I write my next entry, I'll have given birth. Kidding. I'll definitely write...before then...sometime. Peace out.