Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joshua's 1st Birthday

On Saturday June 14th at 4 pm (exactly one year after I went into labor), we had Joshua Michael Deringer's 1st birthday party at my in-laws' home. He had a Tonka truck theme complete with tablecloth, dishes, balloon, centerpiece, goody bags and banner and he even had a truck on his outfit. It was a warm, sunny day which suited the BBQ we had planned with Smoshy's friends, their parents, both sets of grandparents, a great grandma, and three uncles (one of which was fresh off the plane from Toronto). Despite expert nap planning on my part, my baby boy had a few monster moments. Here are some pictures.

Hitchin' a ride on Grandpa.

Spoiled or what?

He loved the tissue paper...the gifts?...not so much.

Mr. Antisocial stole away from the party to play pool on his own. Not Shane, his son.

"Magnetic pool balls! Cool!"

Lounging in his new lawn chair from Shane's parents.

He wouldn't get out of his chair but he still wanted to play. What a goofball.

Nana and Papa bought him a table, so he climbed on it. Logical.

He looked to Mommy for direction...then he tried to grab the flame.

Not enjoying being strapped into his chair.

Our friends trying to stay warm in the last rays of sunshine.

He liked the cake when Daddy fed him.

On Father's Day he actually turned one so we had leftover cake and I put on his crown again.
This expression sums up Joshua's birthday attitude.

Chubby cheeks full of cake.

"Is there a reason you are so close to my face, Da-da?"

"I have to do this again next year?"

Friday, June 06, 2008

Trip to Cali and Other Stuff

Lame title, I know. Here are some pics of our California trip in May. We stayed with Kristin and Owen in San Francisco then Brian and Beth in Gilroy with a little of San Jose, Santa Cruz, Oregon and Washington thrown in there. Enjoy!
Up early for the Coho...we all felt like Smoshy looks...

Dumb Coho me motion sickness...BOOOOO!!!

I love his booster for so many reasons...this is one of them! This is Josh in the back of the car somewhere in Washington.

Ok, so Joshua had a disgusting diaper in northern California right around dinner time so I changed him on that Mt. Shasta rest area bench and fed him in nothing but a diaper. Don't worry, Mom. He wasn't cold. It was over 30 degrees.

Wesport, Washington for a surf competition. It didn't look very good so we took off.

Practicing walking on something soft. (He's a full blown walker now.)

He doesn't like dirty hands.

By the marina in San Francisco (notice the clouds and wind)...

...about 10 minutes later downtown San Francisco (notice the blue sky).

Auntie Kristin and Uncle Owen

Pacifica, CA (west of San Francisco where Owen and Kristin live)
Overexposed photo of our big boy now loving the sand.

No, the picture isn't skin is actually that white! Joshy is bundled up in his bunny towel sleeping in his playpen. Too cute.

I was determined to swim in the Booths' pool and Joshy was comin' in with me whether he wanted to...

or not.

Nap time, Joshua?

Ju-ju and Si-si playing with cars on the Barbie table. Good balance.

Joshy loved playing in the water at the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Such a cool place to bring kids and let them explore...

like I said...bring the the kids and let them explore.

A short sandbox with sparkly sand...

Birds that sing when you push the buttons...

Playing peek-a-boo with the puppet show curtain...

Dressing up as a slice of pizza...

Smooshing your face against the plexiglass...uh...moving on.

Santa Cruz on my b-day and Josh wouldn't go near the water. Heartbreaking for surfer daddy!

Oh, my boys are so handsome.

Our physically fit friends and their Strawberry Shortcake who has mastered the word "no."

Isn't he adorable? That was a great day. My first birthday as a mommy.

Josh made me look like an unfit mother when he screamed as I tried to force him into the arms of a massive stuffed animal. Um...where's Stomper's other hand?

It just worked out that Kristin's brother Rich was pitching (above) the day before we left so we got to sit in the family/friends section that was just a few rows from the field. The A's won 8-3!

Us at the ballgame with our sleeping bambino. Smoshy slept through lots of home run cheering. It was great.

On the road again. Some random rest stop in Oregon, I think. It was so nice to be back in misty rain and lush foliage. I love the Northwest.

So nice to be home. He doesn't really look like me, but at least he sleeps like me.

This is the day Josh discovered his tongue. The same day we had scheduled family photos at the church. We got ONE shot without that chubby tongue sticking out.
He's all boy and all goofball.