Monday, February 18, 2008

What Joshua's parents have been doing...

I totally understand that Shane and I are no longer important, so I'll just take a minute to update you guys on us. It'll only take a sec then you can get back to Smoshy's pics and vids. Alright...

Shane has been working on photography and I can honestly say that he is gifted. Here are just a couple of pictures he has taken on the west coast of the island where he surfs religiously. His website is linked on the right of the blog if you haven't checked it out yet.
Shane took a day trip to Whistler with his brothers...A view from the ferry...We have worked on corrupting my mother...We had a "Quick! Let's give her stuff before she pops!" shower for Shannon (congrats on the birth of Danica Leigh)...Hot mamas and cute babies at the shower...
We went to the Chinese New Year festivities in China Town with Mom and Dad and their Torontonian friends Gloria and David...
We said see ya later, not goodbye, to Brian , Beth and Sienna...TWICE...
We watched Nathan for a week while Shane's parents were in Mexico...I guilted Shane into spending time with us in the form of a powerwalk up and down Dallas road...And we said goodbye to Shane's mom, Theresa Lynn Leckie, on January 20th. It was under unfortunate circumstances, but Shane, Keenan, Kylie and Nathan got to hang out together for a few days, which was a very special time for all of us.So, that's what's been going on with us. Not exciting, just living. I understand if you want to return to marveling over our beautiful son, Joshua Michael Deringer, the real reason anyone wants to look at this blog. Tata for now!

2/3 of a year old...that's 8 months.

Here are some pictures of our little man, Joshua Michael, from the past few weeks. He is crawling and saying "dada" and getting into everything but his toys. Yesterday he took a few steps with his walker and he is pulling himself up on furniture. Smoshy loves his sucky, his bath and is constantly crawling under anything he can.
Practicing his grip for future use.Pulling himself up in his crib for the first time. Daddy lowered the mattress that afternoon.
Under the kitchen table, probably looking for fallen cheerios.
Joshy attacking me while we wrestled in the living room. Not too intimidating!
Playing in mommy's unfolded laundry...not a word, Gary.
Chillin' in China Town during the Chinese New Year festivities.
A very common face which translates into "Mom, you're weird."
Tuckered out. Played too hard.
Freakin' cute or what? Man, I love him!
That side, too!
Hoping for a cute shot, got perfection!
And I'll leave you with Smoshy's poop face. Enjoy!

Crawling for the Sucky

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleepy Smoshy

Monday, February 04, 2008

Close to Crawling