Monday, April 09, 2007

Is This What You Call Nesting?

So, Shane had a bit of a scare last week (notice how I only said Shane) when I went to the hospital for some testing. I called his work and asked them to get him to phone me. The message that he received when he returned to the ship was "Tracey's in labour! Meet her at the hospital!" He called, like I requested, only it was from the hospital and he was a freaked out husband asking where his in-labour wife was. I responded, "I am sitting in front of the tv eating ravioli waiting for you to pick me up." He raced home and flung, seriously, flung open the door in a panic. "What are you doing!? Are you okay!?" He had to wait for my mouth not to be full before I explained that I needed another ultrasound and I thought he would want to be there for it.

So, between the ultrasound and another test, Shane insisted that we go and look at cell phones and that we purchase the car seat that day. I am fine (always was) and baby is fine, a bit large, but fine. Below is a picture of the stroller that the car seat matches.

After that day, Shane has been working on the baby's room and constantly reminding me that we are one day closer to baby coming. Do I look anxious?

Here are a few pics of Shane painting the nursery, the crib, the bedding and the final product. Hopefully we don't have a girl now!
Shane insisted that the bedding be put out as soon as the crib was assembled. He even put an outfit in the crib as if the baby were in it. Aren't I the one that should be nesting?
As Nana (my mom) requested, here is a close up of the bedding. Doesn't it scream BABY BOY!? Notice how there is no Disney or Pooh Bear anywhere...
And, finally, the growing reason why Shane is nesting and I am eating...isn't he cute?