Friday, June 29, 2007

Monkey Madness

Well, I think we are finally coming out of the fog and realizing that this baby is real and not going anywhere. We are learning all of Joshua's signs and cries and trying to sleep when he sleeps...we are somewhat successful. Regardless, he is such an amazing gift and I can't imagine life without him. What did I do with my time before June 15th?

My mom has gone back to Toronto and I have had one full week of mommyhood on my own. I love it! We cuddle and eat and burp and poop and sleep and repeat. He is 2 weeks old today and has not only returned to his birth weight, but he gained a pound this week which makes him 8 lbs 8 oz! He has also grown an inch and a half since he was born. Can I slow him down somehow?

While Mom aka Nana Soprano aka Five-fingered Millie was here, she and my great friend Candi planned a last minute shower at the church so she could be there and see all of her friends. The ladies in the church blessed Joshua (and us) incredibly. We really appreciate their generosity. Here are a few pictures of the shower that I sobbed my way through. Can you say emotional on day 5 postpartum?

No he didn't spill anything. Shane had a daddy moment while Joshua was lying on him...
June 25th was Shane's 27th birthday, so Joshua got him a little something...
The next day we had an ice cream cake with a few friends to celebrate...
Joshua is wearing the same outfit my little brother came home from the hospital in almost 22 years ago! He can sleep anywhere, even leaning on mommy...
You think this is cruel? Wait until you see his Halloween costume!
Here are a few random pictures of the little monkey. Some are cute and some are funny. Don't feel bad about laughing...I laugh at his weird faces every day!
Joshua didn't seem to mind his first bath (after his cord fell off)...he loves his head being rubbed.
Where's the baby?
Joshua wore this shirt just for Papa (my dad) who will be coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks...he'll be sleeping in the nursery. See you soon, Dad!

Monday, June 18, 2007

We Made It Home

So here are some more pics of the last 2 days in and out of the hospital. We ended up spending an extra night up there making sure that Tracey and baby were ok. It's really nice to be home and hopefully we'll be able to get into our family routine quickly. Family!
Tracey is being a fantastic Mommy, learning so much each day and I can't get enough cuddle time with Joshua. I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Joshua Michael Deringer Born June 15, 2007

Our arrival as two!
Everything is going great, really.
He was screaming pretty much as soon as he came out but immediately after landing on mommy he was content.The most beautiful baby ever!

Our brand new family.

Hey everyone! I can't even explain how I feel right now. The emotions of seeing my son born are absolutely overwhelming. He is more perfect than I could have ever imagined.
Joshua was born at 3:06 am at 8 lbs 3.5 oz with a little bit of hair and a head shaped like his daddy's and ear lobes like his mommy. Perfect! He is very very healthy and actually really content. We just finished his first bath and I wanted to get some pictures up here.
Tracey, the most amazing woman ever, did an excellent job. I really think she was a natural at it. I'm not saying she had an easy time but I am so proud of how well she did. We truly feel blessed to have our little boy finally with us and can't wait to show him off! He is a cutie! So here are the pics and we'll see you all soon.

Friday, June 01, 2007

They all have food in common...

As I started to upload pictures, I realized that they all had one thing in common...FOOD! It's not really worth mentioning, but I like to have a common theme when I am blogging. This entry is no different! So first, here are a couple of random shots at home. Shane loving his BBQ and me loving my built in ice cream ledge...

Yesterday a few girlfriends and I met up for a picnic at Thetis Lake. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was so nice to be out in the sun with that cool Victoria breeze. I love summer and it's just beginning! Here is Erin with her sons Noah and newborn Jacob. The ever-stylish Rayael is posing with her magazine while Chloe is off playing...Hunter is just chillin', which is a genetic trait he inherited from his mellow mom, Tricia. What a good baby! I apologize ahead of time for my hyperactive spazoid kid... And, of course, Elizabeth is teaching Sienna how to grow teeth. I think Beth smiles even when she is crying!Chloe, Noah, Beth and Sienna are mucking around in the lake while...Tricia, Hunter and Rayael reveal their vulnerable flesh to the first sun of summer. One day I, too, hope to be in the HMC (Hot Mommies Club)...

Seriously, this is what maternity leave should be like for everyone! I love the lake, the sun, the picnic food...and I would love to share it with my own baby. Hint hint, kid! Come out!
Shortly after the surprise shower from my girlfriends that I wrote about in the last entry, the ladies at work surprised me! They picked me up, spoiled my baby, fed me, and dropped me off again. Not only did the ladies shower me with gifts, but men and other women who couldn't come blessed us with a gift certificate to Mayfair Mall! Shane suggested that he get new shoes with it (I'm not sure I understand the rationale) but I'm pretty sure they meant for it to be used on the baby. Sorry, Honey! Here are a few pics from the shower. Just when you think you're ready, experienced moms give you more necessities that you didn't even know were necessary! Thank you ladies!!!
And what would a blog update be without a cute belly picture... and a not-so-flattering picture of me with a watermelon... Enjoy!

Mom...I made sure this was posted for you and your co-workers, so if you don't leave a comment "you've got some 'splainin to do!"